Magic is the pulse and breath of Worldstree. It is as basic and essential a Force as Wind or the Sun. The need for Ingredients in the Arts drives the Trade and Commerce of Worldstree.There are very few living things in Worldstree that are not magical, and those (mostly fish and lower plants) can be considered exceptions. There are three essential types of Magic:  Base or Scientific Mage, Wizardry, and Noble Magic


The study of the Science by which Magic works is called Science. Scientists primarily study Lorecraft, Enchantment, Spellsong and Alchemy, the so-called Base Magics, though the real "basis" for magic is the near ubiquitous but rarely examined HedgeMagic.  The Base Magics work within the boundaries of Natural Law. Other Arts, such as Gem Magic and Zodiastry, also operate within Natural Limits. Likewise, Information is another limit. Transformation is limited by the mind of the Transformer. Turning a rock into another kind of rock is well and good is you know Geology. Else you end up with something pretty unrocklike. Making a Lizard  without a Pearl, Pollen or Bank Access is not going to work unless you've been a lizard and/or have the Lizard Design Skill (M/VH).

The Power df Scientific Magic is the ability to create and mentally direct Energy. In Lesser Magic, part of the Energy for a Spell must come from the Caster. The Energy comes from his Quintessence, whatever parts of it he might have, and the Mana pool regenerates with rest. There are rare practical applications of this:  Faeries, who have bound Spirits, can die from using too much, and sometimes Animals can tap into a larger group Energy. In the Centrality, most of Them have devices called Memeters, which are attued to an owner and give remaining Mana in relative scale. Lesser Magic cannot in any way accelerate the replenishment of Mana, nor can it create it or transform other types of energy into Mana. Lesser Magic can Steal Mana, provided the victim has a similar sort of Life Essence, but this is Black Magic and Taboo. More commonly, Mana can be transferred volutarily. The most effective way of replenishing Mana is through sleep or meditation, which restores 2 points per hour.

Mana can be stored in certain Objects - Batteries, in particular. Channelling this kind of Mana into a Spell is not without adverse affects. For every point of Mana Channelled into a spell, one-tenth of a  point of personal Mana must be used. This fraction represents the fatigue of Channelling large amounts of Energy - in a way, it is Magical Damage. This puts very practical limits on how much energy can go into a Spell. You can, in fact, make a 3,000 point Fireball, if you have enough Batteries, but the process with kill you. Because of this, self powered Objects, such as those created by ArtCraft, are in high demand.

Most Races have one or more additional forms of Cultural Magic. Some Arts are widely known and practiced by many Races, others are known only to a few or even a single Individual (such as the Storm Arts of the WindLord).


Wizardry is Magic that deals with Life Essenses. Much of Wizardry is Black Magic, but not all - Palo and the various types of Shamanism (Darkling Shamanism, for example), along with DjinnMagic are also Wizardry, as is ArtCraft. The Second Sights are sometimes considered Wizardry. Sorcery can be Black or White, depending on the Sorceror. Certain forms of Alchemy have Wizardish associations, especially Essential Alchemy. There are also many DarkArts which are part of Wizardy:  Witchcraft, Necromancy, Demonology, Corruption and SavageElf Alchemy, to name a few.

Noble Magic

Noble Magic is Savantry, Astrology and the Mentalism (which includes the ChiTao of Dragons and the rather esoteric art of Floramauturgy). Tantra is, perhaps, the Noble Dark Art. The distinction between the two types lies in the ability to create and transform Matter, and the second in Science's inability to measure or manipulate Essence.